The Loss of Raw Coconut Exports in Indonesia

Ruginya Ekspor Kelapa Mentah di Indonesia

All this time, coconut export mostly sent in a raw/fresh form. As a result, coconut industry lost a potential added value of 53.85 trillion in 2018. It cause a large number of ‘silent’ or idle production capacity in this sector. Export model of value-added coconut products also receive support from the Ministry of Industry (Kemendag) rather than exports of raw coconut. The government is also trying to do down streaming by imposing several export duties on agricultural or plantation commodities so that they can be processed domestically.

Sambu Group Becomes a Pioneer of Kawasan Berikat Mandiri in Remote Areas

Sambu Group Jadi Pionir Kawasan Berikat Mandiri di Remote Area

Bea Cukai Tembilahan issue the determination of Kawasan Berikat Mandiri to PT Pulau Sambu di Guntung (PSG) and PTRiau Sakti United Plantations (RSUP). In August, 14th 2019, the handover was carried out by the Head of the Tembilahan Customs Office, Anton Martin, to the Kawasan Berikat Mandiri (KB) Sambu Group, Sofyan.Kawasan Berikat Mandiri facility is a pioneer in remote area Indonesia which is expected to create momentum for economic growth, especially outside Java. This effort is also an investment to increase and utilize regional potential that can be developed through various policies by central government and local governments.


Sambu Group Achieves The Influental Product Innovation

Inovasi Sambu Group Raih The Influental Product Innovation

At “The 5th Outstanding Corporate Innovator Indonesia Award 2019” (OCI Indonesia Award) with the theme “Competitive Edge: Accelerating Growth In Industry 4.0 Through Product Innovation”, Sambu Group won The Influential Product Innovation. Held on Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, June 17th, 2019, the event was held in collaboration with PPM Management, POMA (Product Development and Management Association) Indonesia, and SWA Magazine.This success is a testament to the Sambu Group for innovative activities that the company has been carrying out so far. And one of Sambu Group’s innovation is to giving an added value to the coconut itself. In spite of coconut milk and coconut oil as the trademark, Kara also present diversification of other processed coconut products through KARA Island. KARA Island is an outlet that representing a healthy coconut products.

PT Riau Sakti United Plantations-Perkebunan Natural Pest Control

Pengendalian Hama Alami Ala PT RSUP Perkebunan

At first, plant pest control carried in PT Riau Sakti United Plantations-Perkebunan used insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides, which are classified as pesticides. Thus PT Riau Sakti United Plantations-Perkebunan team tried to create a balance & natural ecosystem by abandoning the use of pesticides. PT Riau Sakti United Plantations-Perkebunan gradually reduced the use of chemicals, then the team began to switch into biological pest control by trying to breed the natural enemies of the caterpillar pests, namely Sicanus and eocanthecona. This efforts is one of the way our company try to maintain the balance of the existing ecosystem. We always putting forward out green steps as a manifestation of the company’s concern for environmental conservation.

KARA Supports Culinary Diplomacy of the Ministry of Tourism and Indonesian Diaspora Restaurant

KARA Mendukung diplomasi kuliner kemenpar dan restoran diaspora Indonesi

Wonderful Indonesia Gastronomy Forum Diaspora Restaurants 2018 is an event held by the Ministry of Tourism that aims to support diaspora restaurants as the ‘face’ of Indonesian culinary and tourism. KARA Indonesia’s participation in this event was not only to introduce a variety of the latest innovative coconut processed products, such as KARA Coconut Cooking Oil, but also to meet directly with representatives of diaspora restaurants from various countries.


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