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Barren to Thriving

The coconuts in Indonesia is a source of life for many and we try to cultivate more opportunities in turning inhabitable and barren peatlands into a thriving land.

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7 R’s

We are committed to create a waste free management system in our social environment through education. Reduce,reuse and recycle are core values we try to implement in our business as with our people. To live by example, we have begun constructing buildings using bricks from recycled waste.

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Waste Management

Organic materials that come from our commodities are deemed as resources instead of waste. While we adhere to the rigid handling procedures for organic production systems, we believe thatmanaging material successfully will turn waste product into benefits for our community and the environment.

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Canalization System

The peatlands behave as giant sponges that soak up water to mitigate flooding. During the dry season, peat releases water slowly and can be a source of fresh water for surrounding communities. With our canalization system in place, it acts as a flood control and means of water for some.


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