03 K Pembangunan Ekonomi Berkelanjutan

Continuous Economy Development

Years of experience have taught us that the in the circular flow of economic life, our achievement of a “casual” status in the social economic role will ensure continuous economic development.

03 L Rencana jangka panjang

Long Term Plan

To meet future needs, our long-term plan in establishing the prosperity of the people will be dedicated to the environment. By focusing on the environment, we hope to influence the factors that surround, create and determine opportunities for the people.

03 M Pembangunan Infrastruktur

Infrastructure Building

We focus on dynamic science that generates real-world solutions. Our works are present in residential, commercial and infrastructural areas around the region. We answer challenges by developing innovative solutions for the need of the people.

03 N Air Sanitasi dan kebersihan

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Clean, accessible water with sanitation is an essential part of the people’s circular flow of economic life. By securing these basic needs, we are securing the basic prosperity of the people.


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