Founded in 1993, PT Riau Sakti United Plantations (Factory) was first established to increase total processing capacity of desiccated coconut. With its own plantation in the backyard, consistent supply of quality coconuts are made possible all year round. These coconuts are processed within 24 hours of receipts at the plant to ensure optimal product freshness. The success of coconut products spurred the group to venture into the pineapple business.

In 1995, PT Riau Sakti United Plantations (Factory) started its canned pineapple production plant which included five high capacity canned pineapple production lines.  In the following year, canned coconut milk processing line was commissioned to increase the group’s product offerings.  With an appetite to grow, production abilities and supply capacity in PT Riau Sakti United Plantations (Factory) has since expanded tremendously to include juice concentration plant that produces pineapple juice concentrate and coconut water concentrate; UHT processing lines to produce ambient shelf stable coconut milk and cream to tap on the ever-growing demand in Indonesia and around the globe.

With aggressive growth strategy, PT Riau Sakti United Plantations (Factory) has evolved in its production capabilities as well as its raw material sourcing program.  Besides purchasing solely from its plantation, PT Riau Sakti United Plantations (Factory) is actively contributing to the regional economy by processing coconuts sourced from independent small holding farmers.

Today, PT Riau Sakti United Plantations (Factory) employs thousand peoples. Most of them come from the neighbouring areas and are provided with company housing. The group has always been deeply concerned with the welfare of its employees and has done its best to provide them with clinics, schools, places of worship and various recreational facilities.  The accessibility of social services ranks high amidst the group’s bustling business activities.


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