Quality First Principle

We believe in always delivering the internationally recognised standard of quality and beyond.


We believe that individual and organizational integrity and ethics are non negotiable in our professional undertaking


We believe in being a pioneer and the benchmark of the coconut industry. Our works are exemplary to the rest of the world’s coconut industry players.


We believe in being market-driven in our innovation, execution philosophy and continuous improvement efforts.


Continuous innovation is in our company’s DNA. We believe this is the only way to maintain our market leadership.


We believe in sustainable and balanced approach to advancing our causes. We believe in environmental, social and economic sustainability in materializing our company’s vision and objectives.

Social Inclusion

We believe in social inclusion philosophy and approaches in creating sustainable and balanced growth. We believe that the progress of the company cannot happen without the progress of our surrounding communities. We believe in being guided by the spirit and attitude of community stewardship to ensure social sustainability.


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