We are the coconut specialist

SAMBU GROUP has generations of experience in developing coconut based products. Creating a sustainable synergy that integrates business with the environment, we value social stability within our communities. Embolden with the spirit of innovation, we dedicate research into the creation of products that are essential to our partners and consumers. 

Fun Facts

Our total annual length of processed coconut measures 5.25 times around the earth’s circumference.


Households of coconut farmers are affiliated to Sambu Group.


The year it began. When our founder first embarked into the coconut industry.


The volume of water – size of an Olympic pool – made available all year round in Sambu Group’s coconut plantation canals.


Bird species have been identified and they live and thrive amongst our plantations.

Our Brands

What makes us different?
Our work, our passion and our people.

Kelapa Rakyat means “the people’s coconut” in Bahasa Indonesia, and that makes us unique in today’s commodifying age of entrepreneurship. If there is one thing we value, it is our peoples’ holistic progress in every aspect of our business.

Kara Coco
Sun Kara