Sambu Group Receives AEO Certificate from the Directorate General of Customs and Excise

Sambu Group Raih Sertifikat AEO dari Direktorat Jenderal Bea dan Cukai

Sambu Group has succeeded in obtaining an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate with other companies. Through the AEO certificate, it is easier for Sambu Group to conduct export and import business for its global trade.

Sambu Group Receives 'Tree of Life' from International Coconut Community (ICC)

Sambu Group Terima Tree of Life dari International Coconut Community

The International Coconut Community (ICC) gave its appreciation to the Sambu Group in the form of the 2019 'Tree of Life' award. This award was given to the coconut industry which is considered to have contributed a lot to the coconut ecosystem. This award was given in conjunction with the SS ICCession & Ministerial Meeting in Manila, Philippines through the Ministry of Agriculture and the Philippine Coconut Authority 9PCA) on 25-31 August 2019. The International Coconut Community (ICC) was formed in 1969, an international coconut community whose members come from coconut producing countries in the world.

The Spirit of 'Synergy Integration' at Sambu Group's 52nd Anniversary Celebration

Semangat Integrasi Bersinergi di Perayaan HUT Sambu Group ke 52 Tahun

Maintaining a position for more than half a century is not easy. At the age of 52, Sambu Group succeeded in doing this. The hope to continue to survive along with the changing times is always realized for the sake of the future. Happy 52nd-anniversary Sambu Group! Keep continuing to innovate and make new breakthroughs for Indonesia's coconut industry in the future.

Coconut Processing Industry’s Problematic in Indonesia

Problematika Industri Pengolahan Kelapa di Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the biggest coconut producers in the world. But it become problem while we cannot maximize that potential in line with its industrial development. First examples is when the government put on value added tax (PPN) and income tax (PPh) on coconut farmers or producers who sell their products to the processing industry. Second, we will mention about raw material. Government need to give a guarantee to industry player to get raw materials.

Reflection and Milestone: Take Off Towards Tay Juhana Foundation’s Maturity

Refleksi dan Milestone Lepas Landas Menuju Kematangan Tay Juhana Foun

Founded on 2013, Tay Juhana Foundation (TJF) have a mission to create food security through suboptimal land cultivation. In the first year, TJF had a various development activity for its internal team. One of them is comprehension of technical knowledge in Pulau Burung, Riau. Their goal is to strengthen internal capacity related to our issues which are food security, sustainable farming, and management of suboptimal land. In the second year, TJF rapidly move into outside, started by launching their website also show up the organizational profile. Thus, as an organization who focus on a research, TJF also participated on various scientific publication, such us involved in international seminar in Universitas Jember and national seminar in Universitas Sriwijaya.


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