PT Pulau Sambu Unit Usaha Kuala Enok was founded in 1967 with a work force of 30 on the tropical island of Nyiur, in the Indragiri district of Riau province. In the early stages of its operation, it relied solely on traditional methods to produce crude coconut oil for the local market.

Realizing the importance of a continuous supply of fresh and quality coconuts, the company has established a close and mutually beneficial relationship with the coconut farmers in its surrounding regions. This has advertently created a stable avenue for coconut farmers to earn their keeps.

The company began to invest in modern and high capacity machinery from Germany and Sweden in the early 1970s. In 1979, the company built its own storage facilities and installed a 400 tons per hour blow pump loading system for coconut oil. The handling of raw material and the loading of copra extraction pellets are efficiently done using an integrated system of conveyor belts.

30 over years after its founding, PT Pulau Sambu Unit Usaha Kuala Enok is now a self contained and self sufficient production complex. It has its own power plant with steam generators heated by coconut shells, modem telecommunications facilities, jetties that allow vessels of up to 30000 dwt to berth and load, a multi purpose training center, housing for over 2000 employees and more than a hundred boats to transport raw copra and coconuts.

Today PT Pulau Sambu Unit Usaha Kuala Enok produces primarily crude coconut oil, cooking oil and copra extraction pellets. These products are exported to Asian countries, Europe, USA and Australia.

PT Pulau Sambu Unit Usaha Kuala Enok is the nucleus of the Sambu Group. It has given birth to more than a dozen other companies. Since its inception, PT Pulau Sambu Unit Usaha Kuala Enok has striven to be a global player in the coconut industry.

The company firmly believes in constantly upgrading the skills of its workforce so that it can compete globally. In the 1990s, it has adopted and practised the Principle of Total Quality Management (TQM).

On 23rd September 1995, for its effective implementation of TQM at all levels, PT Pulau Sambu Unit Usaha Kuala Enok was awarded the ISO9002 certificate by the Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research (SISIR) which is now referred to as Productivity & Standards Board (PSB) Corp of Singapore.

In the year 2000/2001, PT Pulau Sambu Unit Usaha Kuala Enok went on to achieve ISO14001 (Environmental Management System), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety), ISO 17025 (Laboratory Standard) and GMP / HACCP.

PT Pulau Sambu Unit Usaha Kuala Enok strictly implements its quality improvement program in the belief that only by maintaining world class quality standards of production and management can a company survive in tomorrow’s competitive global business environment.


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