Why Join Us?

Employee are valuable assets of an organization to ensure the goals and achievements are made. Sambu Group proudly open up the opportunity for each of its employee to learn and grow together. There is no limit to your gender, ethnicity, race, creed and age to be successful. 

For more than 50 years, Sambu Group through its coconut product, KARA, has absorbed more than ten of thousand workers and will continue to grow. Our employee have an important role in company economic development and its surrounding.

As a Social Enterprise, Sambu Group stands on three pillars, namely Environment, Economy, and Social. Not only focusing on company profit, Sambu Group also concern for environmental development and local communities empowerment. Along with its vision, Sambu Group provides wide career opportunities for competent individuals who want to build Indonesia Coconut Ecosystem with Us.

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Sambu Group

Jalan Rawa Bebek No.26
Gedong Panjang, Jakarta Utara
[email protected]
021 6603926, 6604026
WhatsApp : 0813 8080 8095




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