Sambu Group’s Purchasing Department as the Spearhead of the Company’s Business

Departmen Pembelian Sambu Group sebagai Ujung Tombak Bisnis Perusahaan

Purchasing Department is not only at the forefront of purchasing coconuts, but also has the task of maintaining good relations with coconut farmers. That is one of the company's key successes. The main function of this department is in a purchasing role. They have a responsibility to find raw coconuts so that the production process can run smoothly. When purchasing activities take place, which is carried out by sales, there are various elements that are also involved, such as coconut farmers, civil society, until government. Many individuals are also involved in this activity.

An Enermous Potential of Coconut Farming in Indonesia

Berpotensi Besar Saatnya Memperkuat Pertanian Kelapa

General Chairman of Ketua Umum Himpunan Kerukunan Tani Indonesia (HKTI) Jenderal TNI (Pum) Moeldoko hopes that the government will strengthen the coconut farming sector. According to him, Indonesia has enormous potential in the coconut industry to boost the economy. It is recorded that there are 95 districts in Indonesia that produce coconuts with a coconut plantation area of more than 1 hectare (ha). Coconut farmers in Indonesia reach 2 million people with a composition of 93.93 percent being small farmers. Meanwhile, Indonesia has around 3.5 million ha of coconuts, but the total coconut production is still low.


Media Discussion : Hoax Video Clarification

Diskusi Media Kebaikan NatadeCoco Klarifikasi Video Hoax

The rise of nata de coco hoax video is circulating in community, so GAPMMI initiated to hold an intense discussion to make it clear to the mass. This discussion with the media is in order to educate and increase public knowledge about the benefits of nata de coco for health. GAPMMI (Gabungan Pengusaha Makanan dan Minuman Seluruh Indonesia) held a discussion with several media entitled “Kindness of Nata de Coco : Clarification of Hoax Videos’. This media discussion is also a clarificarion od the Nata de Coco hoax video which is considered made of plastic.

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