Sambu Group and YBDA Held a Mass Circumcision in Kateman Sub-District

Sambu Group dan YBDA Gelar Sunatan Massal 2

Towards the end of the year, Yayasan Bahtera DwipaAbadi (YBDA) along with Sambu Group re-held mass circumcision in Kateman, Indragiri Hilir, specifically at Klink Pratama PT Pulau Sambu (Guntung). This event was held on December 18th-19th, 2023 with 216 participants. This event was also attended by Camat Kateman-H. Junaidi. Within the theme "Together, We Create A Healthy Young Generation", this event was welcomed enthusiastically by the local community.

"I appreciated both YBDA and Sambu Group who are succeeding in holding a mass circumcision in Kateman District. This activity is very beneficial to the health of participants and helps them socially. Thank you for helping us to create a healthy young generation in Kateman through this mass circumcision!" said H. Junaidi.

"As a YBDA's regular agenda, this mass circumcision is one of the priority programs in the health area. It is based on YBDA's commitment to the health field to increase the quality, services, and health facilities in a public area, especially in the coconut ecosystem. Hopefully, this event will be beneficial and could be accepted by the Kateman people", said Tua H. Hutabarat, YBDA Operation Manager. 

Celebrate 56th of Sambu Group. Within Coconut Farmers: Endless Collaboration!

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As an appreciation to coconut farmers, the 56th Sambu Group celebration is inviting Indragiri Hilir's coconut farmers. Sambu Group gives an appreciation to coconut farmers who have been working together by distributing prizes in a series of activities to celebrate this event. 30 prizes are drawn simultaneously on December, 1st 2023, and the Honda Revo Fit 125 is prepared as a grand prize. Luck doesn't go anywhere. Muhlis, one of the coconut farmers who regularly supplies his coconut to Sambu Group through Pancang Sungai Empat feels grateful because won a grand prize. Honda Revo Fit 125 was submitted by the committee to Muhlis on Tuesday, December 13th, 2023.

"In this special moment, we utter congratulations to Muhlis and all of the coconut farmers who have won the prizes. Hopefully, the prize could add to your joy and be beneficial," said A. Ginting public relations of Sambu Group. "Sambu Group also thanks all of the coconut farmers in Indragiri Hilir for a good collaboration since 56 years ago. Let us maintain the best collaboration and together we will promote the coconut ecosystem in Indonesia," said A. Ginting.


Celebrate 56 Years of Existence, Sambu Group Brings Spirit of Collaboration


Picture: 56th Sambu Group Birthday Celebration is held hybrid (Tuesday, December 5th, 2023)

Tuesday, December 5th, 2023, A 56th Sambu Group Birthday is held hybrid. This event is held centralized in Sunlake Waterfront Resort & Convention, Jakarta, and broadcast live through Zoom Meeting and YouTube. Within "Build Collaboration, Together We Reach the Best Achievement", Sambu Group invite all of the employees, stakeholder, relation, and coconut farmer to interact whilst enjoying the show online or offline.

Previously, Sambu Group conducted several competitions in each entity. Also, 3 competitions are held centralized such the KARAoke competition, Amazing Race 56, and also Showcase Competition (for internal). Sambu Group's Birthday celebration in Jakarta is considered successful. In the opening, the Saman Dance is shown beautifully. Then, several games are held virtually to enliven the atmosphere. Door prize for coconut farmers in Indragiri Hilir is also conducted by committees. Last but not least, Cak Lontong also presented as a guest star for stand-up comedy.  

"Thank you for the parties that gave us support for the successful 56th Birthday Party of Sambu Group. Thank you so much to related parties, including Indonesia's coconut farmers that support Sambu Group continuously to maintain Indonesia's Coconut Ecosystem sustainability,' Said Dwianto Arif Corporate Communication Manager Sambu Group

Happy 56th birthday Sambu Group!

56 Years of Sambu Group, A Worldwide Indonesia Company!

logo 56

Picture: 56th Sambu Group Birthday's Logo "Build Collaboration, Together We Reach the Best Achievement"

Sambu Group turns 56 years old on Tuesday, December 5th, 2023. Since 1967, Sambu Group has succeeded in fulfilling brilliant achievements as an integrated coconut industry in Indonesia. A pride that Sambu Group as a Domestic Investment company is well known in the International market. This year, Sambu Group carries "Build Collaboration, Together We Reach the Best Achievement" as a theme. Within this theme, Sambu Group hopes that collaboration could be a key to gaining success. Collaboration and togetherness could be a good culture to grow many synergies and new creations. "Happy 56th Sambu Group. With a whole collaboration, Sambu Group will continue its Journey till reaches the mutual peak performance. The collaboration among parties hopefully could contribute well to Indonesia's coconut ecosystem. Hopefully, we could always give the advantages, not only for the company but also for society and the environment. Let's make a good collaboration happen and sustain!," said Dwianto Arif Corporate Communication Manager of Sambu Group.

Kemenparekraf RI Supports KARA and Indonesian Coconut Culinary in Food & Hotel Indonesia (FHI) 2023

 Kemenparekraf Sandiaga Uno KARA

KARA attended one of the international events, the 17th Food & Hotel Indonesia (FHI) 2023. This event was held at Jakarta International Expo and starts from 25th – 28th July 2023. In KARA’s booth, we displayed various of our best coconut products. We also did many activities such as live quizzes, selling activities, cooking demos, and also talk shows. It was very interesting because our talk show was collaborated with two well-known hotels, which is Holiday Inn Kemayoran and Batiqa Hotel Karawang & Jababeka.

Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia also supports Sambu Group and Kara through speech in video form. “Congratulations to Sambu Group, especially the KARA brand. Yes! KARA is one of the best products that have been Top of Mind among coconut product producers in Indonesia. Hopefully, Sambu Group will consistently to giving more inspiration to the public within its processed coconut production,” said Sandiaga S Uno.


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