Sambu Group Participates in Permanent Trade Exhibition

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Sambu Group participates in Permanent Trade Exhibition promoted by Direktorat Jenderal Pengembangan Ekspor Nasional Kementerian Perdagangan Republik Indonesia. KARA as our brand will involve in this expo for a month that starts on 22nd September 2022. This expo will be placed in the Permanent Trade Exhibition’s room in the Main Building of Kementerian Perdagangan, Central Jakarta. Besides, there are also 159 participants in various fields.

Sambu Group Suports the 52nd MTQ Indragiri Hilir in Kuala Enok

Sambu Group dukung MTQ Inhil 2022 di Kuala Enok

52nd of Musabaqah Tilawati Quran (MTQ) Indragiri Hilir is held from 22nd-26th June 2022. Sambu Group fully support this event because of the positive values that come along. It is great because as one of Islamic Syar’i, this event could motivate Muslim to read, understand and also carry out with devotion of the Quran constantly. During the event, Sambu Group enlivens it through build a booth in bazaar area. Variety of KARA product is shown in booth. Besides giving education to visitors, Sambu Group also sell KARA Coconut Oil with a special price during the bazaar.

Kuala Enok Cultural Wall and Sustainability Development Mural in Tanah Merah, Indragiri Hilir

mural kebudayaan di kuala enok

H.M. Wardan, Governor of Indragiri Hilir officially announce Cultural Wall Mural in PT Pulau Sambu (Kuala Enok) on Wednesday, 22nd June 2022. This monument is also signed by H.M. Wardan and Herrie Agustono a Director of PT Pulau Sambu (Kuala Enok). The mural which is painted in our company’s wall, PT Pulau Sambu (Kuala Enok) is scratched beautifully in 30 x 3.m meters long. We also special calling an international mural artist from Jakarta to create such a beautiful painting. Thus, this artwork is doing for about 3 weeks, exclude of making a concept and design draft.

KARA Wins 2 Categories at Indonesia Customer Satisfaction Achievement 2022

KARA Menangkan Dua Kategori dalam Indonesia Customer Satisfaction Achievement 2022 

KARA Menangkan Dua Kategori dalam Indonesia Customer Satisfaction Achievement 2022 

In the middle of 2022, KARA win the achievement. On Indonesia Customer Satisfaction Achievement 2022, KARA succeed to gain this award for two product categories from coconut water and coconut cooking oil. This award is given virtually on Monday, 30th May 2022.

KARA Indonesia Participation in BaliSpirit Festival 2022

Kara Indonesia dalam Bali Spirit Festival 2022

Kara Indonesia dalam Bali Spirit Festival 2022

KARA is attending BaliSpirit Festival 2022. As one of awaited Yoga Festival, this event is held on The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali. BaliSpirit Festival 2022 is start form 19th until 22nd May 2022 and is initiated by Kryasta Guna Foundation. Through the inspiring benefits and traditions of yoga, music, dance and healing, BaliSpirit Festival depicts Balinese Hindu concepts from Tri Hita Kirana, which are: Love in harmony with spiritual environment, social and nature.


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