Yaya's Dedication: A Happiness Within

KK H Yaya

Being successful in your own career path is a dream of every employee. How to be a successful employee, Yaya is the one we can learn from. For more than 30 years, Yaya has been contributing his best for company. He went from zero to a distinguish career. It is proven by his current position as Vice General Manager in PT Pulau Sambu, Jakarta.

It is not easy to build career in a company for more than 3 decades. He told that loyalty is precious thing, especially when you work in excellent company. Sambu Group offer a comfort environment that help Yaya reached out his success in career. What kind of a comfort environment? As an example, the synergy between employer and employee in office. “In Sambu Group, direct interaction between employer and employee is built quite well,” he said.

Yaya also said that a harmonic relationship in work environmental is very important. Sambu Group shown that this terms worth applying in each department of the company. From internal till external parties include of the relationship between company and its stakeholder. An emotional connection among parties is needed to leverage interactions. Therefore, we could help each other in order to advancing our goal, company’s goal.

Every experience has its own challenges, so did Yaya. But every challenge has been paid off. He admitted that he was happy to be able to pursue his career with Sambu Group. “I am very happy for getting chance to contribute with. Especially when my idea is being adapted for the goodness of our Company,” he said. 


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