4 Ways to be a Terrific Employee

Percaya diri

Everyone has different potential in work. The assessment is based on the needs of each position. Whatever our position are, we can be that a little extra to what we do:

•Show up our enthusiasm for work

Have a strong work ethic could spread a positive influence on others. Be friendly to everyone and don’t forget to thank them for the slightest help.

•Manage conflict well

Sometimes internal conflicts in the workplace is couldn’t be avoid. If we are in such a conflict, try to be calm and think objectively. Discuss it with colleagues or superiors, so that conflicts can be resolved properly.

•Life has many colour

Open up to differences. Accepting and adapting on differences will certainly make it easier for us to work together and interact with other colleagues.

•Stay humble 

Be humble whenever your work gives you a reward while others are not. Last but not least, forgive those whom make a mistake to us, it’s forgive and forget that makes you move forward faster.



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