PT Pulau Sambu (Guntung) was founded in 1983 in Guntung in Riau Province. From the beginning, PT Pulau Sambu (Guntung)’s main products have been coconut cream and desiccated coconut.

PT Pulau Sambu (Guntung) is a supplier of desiccated coconut to well known confectioners and chocolate industries in Europe, North America, Australia, Middle East and China. Its coconut cream, under the Kara brand name, is now popular in Asian, Australian and European markets. With the ever increasing popularity of Asian dishes that have coconut cream as an ingredient, the market for coconut cream is bound to expand worldwide.

Prior to production, the best quality coconuts are screened and selected to produce the highest quality coconut cream and desiccated coconut using high technology equipment. One of the keys to the high quality of PT Pulau Sambu (Guntung)’s desiccated coconut is its Proctor and Schwartz’s three stage dryer which was built specifically for the company’s application. In addition, the Alfal-Laval production line, which has been painstakingly perfected over the years, now produces coconut cream of a quality second to none.

Encouraged by the success of Kara brand, PT Pulau Sambu (Guntung) expanded its production to produce nata de coco, coconut virgin oil for pharmaceutical industry, charcoal from coconut shell, coconut water and drinking water under the brand name of Kara Ases. In 2001, PT Pulau Sambu (Guntung) started commercial production of spray dried Coconut Cream Powder.

Fully committed to the implementation of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standardization, a stringent hygiene standard which requires continuous monitoring and inspection of the various stages of the production process. In November 2000, PT Pulau Sambu (Guntung) was awarded both ISO9002 and HACCP certification by SGS Singapore.

Like PT Pulau Sambu (Kuala Enok), PT Pulau Sambu (Guntung) is also a fully self sufficient and self supporting complex. The complex has satellite communications facilities and its own power generator that provides electricity for the entire complex as well as for domestic use by the employees. Its port built in 1989 is equipped with two 40ft heavy container cranes that can load large ocean going vessels efficiently.

Another distinct advantage of PT Pulau Sambu (Guntung) is that it is strategically located near Singapore. All cargoes are exported via Singapore’s efficient and world class seaport.