We are dedicated in the development of our work in the direction of innovation, introduction and improvement of products and processes.

Our research and development department are led by engineers and industrial scientists. They are tasked directly to develop new products with applied research in scientific and technological fields to facilitate future product development.

Constant evaluation is key in our progress and we never stop studying the effectiveness of our methods. We synthesize and theorize how to explore, hypothesize and clarify our designed, developed and tested products. Through our research and development cycle, we wish to implement, improve and study efficacy of our products.

In Sambu Group, the essence of innovation is rooted deep in our D.N.A.

Both our industrial and consumer products are developed to meet the widest possible need, catered to a growing consumer demand. Our innovative spirit can be found in every aspect of our business (social, economy, partnership) and in our products as well. We were born out of innovation and research and development is an integral part of our company.