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Coconut Virgin Oil

Colour, Appearance & Taste

  • Crystal clear at liquid state
  • Dazzling white at crystallized state
  • Mildly sweet with hint of freshly expressed coconut milk aroma
  • Smooth on throat
  • Free from foreign odour


  • Regular Coconut Virgin Oil
  • Organic Coconut Virgin Oil
  • Refined bleached deodorized oil (RBD)
  • Coconut virgin oil (CVO)


  • 180kg tight head steel drum
  • 10 litre Jerrycan
  • 350ml x 12 glass jars in a carton


  • Store under cool, clean & dry conditions
  • Product may crystallize below prolonged storage at 23C and below but his will not affect the organoleptical or microbiological qualities of the product

Shelf Life

  • 36 months under good storage condition


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