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Nature of Product

Nature in a bottle.

The impetus behind adara™ is to deliver the highest quality organic coconut virgin oil, traceable from the field to your hand. A notion to live responsibly and naturally, adara™ is thoughtful, you will notice the details.

What goes on you goes in you which is why we have extracted a base ingredient that is so full of healthy benefits good enough to be eaten just as it is applied onto your skin and hair.

Organic and biologically pure, coconut virgin oil exhibits characteristics true to our body’s needs, abundance of benefits we love:



  1. rich in lauric acid natural source of vitamin E
  • strengthens connective tissues and aids removal of dead skin cells to promote growth of healthy, smooth and supple skin
  • conditions hair to give a soft silky sheen
  1. natural anti-oxidant properties
  • helps to prevent premature aging and wrinkling of skin, a preservation of youthful appearance
  1. natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-microbial properties; rich source of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) of fruit origin
  • speeds healing of mild infections and open wounds as it hastens cell renewal due to the metabolic effect MCFA has on cells
  1. small molecular structure & uniquely light
  • penetrates skin easily allowing skin to drink up all the benefits without greasy after feel
  1. fresh & sweet smelling coconut essence
  • natural aroma
  1. long shelf life of more than 3 years
  • stays fresh without the use of preservatives and additives

3 seasons



(long period <23˚C)

Just like water, organic coconut virgin oil being unadulterated changes its state with drop in temperature. Warm at heart, adara™ crystallises to a dazzling white as temperature drops below 23°C. All it takes is some warmth to bring adara back to pristine clear oil. Simply submerge bottle into warm water or place it in room temperature above 23°C.

A legendary secret unveiled for modern age application. A fusion of time to see the adara in you.

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