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Our History

The value of coconuts is unfathomable. Few understand the holistic chain of attributes it can provide, right from the outermost layer of husk to the innermost core of white meat. The list of produce is exponential to its parts.

Coconut. Enormous benefits.

Husk, shell, parings, white meat, copra, water…each component has its varied uses from food to non-food items, from industrial to household purposes. The mattresses we sleep on, ropes we use , and seats we covet are sometimes made with coconut fiber. Other parts of coconuts are made into edibles and ingredients for confectioners, chefs and homemakers the world over, in their preparation for pastries, chocolates, desserts, authentic Asian dishes, the list goes on and on…

Coconut has demonstrated its indispensable role in our daily lives.

No parts of a coconut are put to waste. Its uses are multiple and its values are wholesome. With this insight to the life cycle of a coconut, we know there is no hint of exaggeration when coconut tree was acclaimed as 'The Tree of Life'.

To keep 'The Tree of Life' as a living legacy, PT. Pulau Sambu was established to maximize the value of coconuts and pass on the goodness to consumers worldwide. Under the visionary and enterprising leadership of the founder, Mr. Tay Juhana, it has from the very beginning been positioned as a coconut specialist.

The legacy of The Sambu Group begins…

It started humbly as a coconut oil processing plant, PT Pulau Sambu Kuala Enok, in the Riau province of Sumatra, Indonesia in 1967, focusing on producing crude coconut oil, cooking oil and copra expeller for the export market. Products are ensured of internationally accepted standards.

In 1983, a second processing plant was founded. PT Pulau Sambu Guntung concentrated on manufacturing desiccated coconut, coconut cream and made known its house brand, Kara, to nationwide, particularly Asian, Australian, the United States and European markets.

In 1993, with superior raw materials for quality production coupled with rising market demands, a third production and processing plant, PT Riau Sakti United Plantations (RSUP), was set up. It handles desiccated coconut and coconut cream production for export markets.

In 1995, a pineapple production plant was set up in RSUP to produce canned pineapples and subsequently pineapple juice concentrate in 1999.

From the 60s till the 90s, Mr. Tay Juhana's effort expanded from production and processing to crop intensification. And the synergy of dedication and innovation lives on…

These were all made possible by sheer determination and absolute focus on quality.

The Sambu Group today has emerged as the single largest integrated coconut industry in the world, showcasing 3 factories. PT Pulau Sambu Kuala Enok, PT Pulau Sambu Guntung and PT Riau Sakti United Plantations, all internationally recognized as leaders in the coconut and pineapple industries. In addition, the Group's operations have philanthropically established social communities to provide for all workers' basic needs including lodging, educational, medical and recreational facilities. What could have been a barren land with scarce business activities has now thrived and evolved from a rural area to a vibrant community.

Sambu Group prides ourselves as producers who are committed to delivering the best products catering to the world market.

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