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Ethical Trading

…to promote a community of harmony
…to strike a delicate balance of quality business and social wellness

- Sambu Group, The Coconut Family on Riau Province of East Sumatra

nce a barren land with scarce business activities, now a thriving vibrant community… the transition from rural area to today’s community of harmony with gainful employment is a conscientious effort towards contributing to the society, a core part of our corporate culture.

We believe in investment and employees are our best asset, only when employees welfare are well taken care of can a company grow in pride. As a socially responsible company, we strive to meet employees and their families needs so as to achieve happiness in our own little ways.

Implementation is key and we continuously develop three core sectors that give birth to a community of harmonious living.

Gainful Employment

  • All three manufacturing sites continuously create employment for the locals which provide them with stable income to fulfil their basic needs including that of their families.
  • A healthy and safe working environment is created for each employee.
    • PT Pulau Sambu Kuala Enok, the coconut oil plant, and PT Pulau Sambu Guntung, the desiccated coconut and coconut milk plant, are accredited to Occupational Health and Safety Standard 18001
    • Safety trainings are given to new and existing employees periodically
    • No child labour is allowed on site
    • Every shift of worker is provided one complimentary meal
  • Fair remuneration
    • Minimum wage is always set above both industrial and government standards and increments are followed accordingly
    • Shift system is employed to ensure employees working hours are in line with industrial standards
    • Overtime is only required during peak periods and on voluntary basis only
  • PT Pulau Sambu Kuala Enok and PT Pulau Sambu Guntung are accredited to environmental standard ISO14001. All practices are environmentally friendly in accordance to the protocol.
  • Embraces the Principle of Total Quality Management and continuously upgrade skills of the workforce where applicable.

Social Wellness

All employees and their families, a total community of 50,000 on Riau Province, are provided with housing, educational and recreational facilities all at heavily subsidised rates, amounts that are affordable taking into considerations of their income. This is implemented to prevent wellness programme from being abused and at the same time ensuring adequate living standards for all.

  • Housing allocations
  • Polyclinics facilities
  • Religious centres – mosques, temples and churches are built with respect to religious sensitivities.
  • Educational facilities
    • Schools from kindergarten to secondary levels are built to provide basic education for children and equip them with social skills
    • All children are ferried to and from school at no charges, via the group’s specially constructed canal system
    • Educational system and curriculum are constantly upgraded to keep up with societal changes
  • Playgrounds and communal areas are built to foster social bonding & enhance community spirit.
  • Marketplaces are built to open up different avenues for locals to earn their keeps. Stalls are leased out for sales of daily necessities, and in turn create little bustling business areas to keep the community vibrant.

These facilities are also open to non-employees, a move towards harmonious living for all.

In the pipeline, a 3 storey separate office building on Guntung site is now being converted into a hospital and due for completion by 2006, operational by 2007/2008.

Basic Provisions

  • Water and electricity are supplied to employees and families of all three manufacturing sites at subsidised rate.

At Sambu Group, we believe in fair trade.

Love makes the world go round,
Ethics make Sambu Group grow well!

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